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UPDATE: Apparently, Rawson has “her” phone number posted on her web site, and apparently she even returns calls on occasion. It’s 213-785-7675. Call and tell her you want Ufford back.

Aussie golfer and latest GoDaddy girl Anna Rawson is the latest Female Athlete That Hasn’t Won Anything But Still Getting Press For Her Looks. And her camp seems totally cool with that.

“She’ll get more eyeballs from her Go Daddy exposure than she would if she played a whole season on the LPGA,” said her agent Anthony Rodriguez, who met Rawson at a fraternity house while the two attended USC. “There at ten times more eyeballs on those spots than there are people watching the Golf Channel. I mean, for Lorena Ochoa to get on SportsCenter she’d not only have to win a tournament. She would have a shoot a ball off a tree into the hole.”

It’s an excellent point–Rawson’s endorsement income are reportedly among the highest women’s golf– but part of the reason that Rawson got the GoDaddy deal was because she actually competes in a sport. She’s not getting that money if she’s dancing topless around a brass pole in Melbourne. But I’m not bent out of shape about it. The angst about beautiful people that haven’t accomplished anything is reserved for fat, ugly people that haven’t accomplished anything.

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