Several Congresspeople Honored Alabama By Screaming ‘Roll Tide’ On The House Floor

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A lot of people from Alabama probably celebrated the Crimson Tide’s 16th national championship by screaming “roll tide.” Considering that Alabama fans will say that any time they come across one another, it’s fair to assume that it was said a lot more than usual after Nick Saban’s squad took down Clemson in the national title game on Monday night.

A group of prominent Alabama fans decided to use their collective public platform to discuss their love of the team. Five congresspeople from the Yellowhammer State took to the floor of the House of Representatives led by representative Terri Sewell, who gave a short speech in which she congratulated both teams that participated in the game, expressed her love for the football team, talked a little smack to South Carolina representative and Clemson graduate Jeff Duncan, and ended things by saying “roll tide” with those who joined her at the podium.

There was just one problem (well, two problems, if you don’t like that this is what representatives discuss when the floor is open) – Sewell got the name of Alabama’s best player wrong. While going through a short list of players who made an impact in the game, she called Heisman Trophy-winning running back Derrick Henry “Brent.” She caught some flack for it on Twitter but ended up apologizing.

Roll tide.

(via SB Nation)

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