And Now, A Guy Trying To Kill Himself At The Gym

Pro Wrestling Editor
04.12.13 7 Comments

This clip has been making the rounds over the past few days, and I didn’t want to be the last person in your sports blogging world to say, “hey, check out this guy using a weight bench to swim and/or tear every muscle in his body.” Who needs a spine, anyway?

This is my new excuse for half-assing it to the gym. Sometimes I want to change it up and do a new exercise, so I’ll find a bench of a machine and just sit there mentally trying to figure it out or physically trying to adapt my body to however I’m supposed to sit, and … no. Occasionally I’ll look up an instructional video on YouTube and work my way through it. But how am I supposed to do that when I know the entire gym is armed with smartphones, and are just waiting to pounce on my futility and upload it to mass applause? I’M JUST TRYING TO WORK OUT MY DELTOIDS, WHATEVER THOSE ARE, STOP LOOKING AT ME.

Anyway, I hope the follow-up to this video is him jumping into a swimming pool and swimming super f**king fast.

[h/t to Bob’s Blitz]

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