Roy Jones Jr. And Anderson Silva Want To Co-Headline The Mayweather-McGregor Event

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There’s no official deal in place for a Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor boxing super fight, but that hasn’t stopped a bunch of people from assuming it’s going to happen. There’s already odds being made on the fight by Vegas and European bookies. And now some very interesting fighters are starting to jockey for the coveted co-main event position on the card.

Back in 2008, Anderson Silva declared his desire to box Roy Jones Jr., a wish that UFC brass refused to consider. The possibility of a fight came up again after Silva broke his leg badly in 2013 … what better time to do it than when you really don’t want your big star to get kicked in his fibula, after all? But the UFC kept up their reputation as the no fun league and nixed the idea.

Now with Conor McGregor seemingly on the verge of forcing the UFC out of their comfort zone, both Roy Jones Jr. and Anderson Silva are making their case for the second spot on the card:

They’re not wrong: it would be pretty spectacular. But does the notoriously risk adverse UFC really want to put two of their greatest legends in a position to get wrecked in a different sport? Even at 48 years old, Roy Jones Jr. is a dangerous opponent, with a 10-1 record since 2012. And it’s not like Anderson Silva has exactly been setting the world on fire with his performances lately.

But for the fans who don’t care about the long term business viability of the UFC’s favorite last second ringer, it’d be an exciting fight. Silva and McGregor would probably lose, but they’re dynamic enough that seeing how they’d lose would be worth the price of admission. Worth potentially hurting a potential future Anderson Silva vs Georges St-Pierre fight, though? On that point we’re not so sure.