Barry Sanders Has Some Thoughts About The Le’Veon Bell Situation

09.06.18 8 months ago 2 Comments


Barry Sanders doesn’t want to talk about the future of the game of football. Not right now, anyway. He wants to watch the game, preferably on a very good couch. The Pro Football Hall of Famer has been asked countless times about retiring early, something more and more players are doing with health concerns on their mind. Player safety is at the forefront of a dialogue about the league that’s introduced new rules this season and will change the way athletes play and fans talk about football.

But to Sanders, what matters is that football is back, and he’s excited to see what happens in the league even if Le’Veon Bell isn’t back just yet for the Pittsburgh Steelers. But Sanders understands. After all, he held out himself and knows that it’s a “business decision” for both parties.

Sanders spoke to Uproxx on behalf of Tostitos about the Le’Veon Bell situation and talked about how modern running backs are different from him. He also discussed the value of preseason football, whether he thinks the league will expand its regular season and which current player is a throwback to his era and style of play. There is also a lot of discussion about couch refrigerators.

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