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Eric Scnupp, the offensive line/tight ends coach at Baylor, received a citation late Saturday night for urinating on the bar at a public alehouse called Scruffy Murphy's, which is (not surprisingly) frequented primarily by students.

The alleged incident happened around closing time, as employees were getting patrons out of the bar, said bartender Danny Severe, who was working at the time. Severe said an employee witnessed Schnupp urinating on the bar, and a manager told police, who were already at the bar for an unrelated matter.

“While we were kicking everybody out, he apparently thought that nobody was looking and whipped it out and (urinated) on the bar,” Severe said. “He tried to deny it, but there was definitely a puddle and there was no one else around him.”

Soooooo… am I the only one wondering about the logistics of this feat?  Was he standing on a chair?  Is he seven-foot-one?  Or is Scruffy Murphy's a bar for midgets?  I hope it's a bar for midgets.  You can't blame a guy for peeing on a midget bar.  Because what are they gonna do about it?

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