BCS Standings: LSU Ranked 5th…Somehow

11.15.10 7 years ago 9 Comments

I really hate debating college football because every team out there plays in a vacuum; SEC teams play other SEC teams and Pac-10 teams play other teams in their league and so on down the pecking order. I also hate people that just sit around and bitch about the absence of a playoff. Yes, people are still homeless, the icecaps are still melting and college football still has no true postseason. Let’s move on.

I also hate the way people drive in the south. How hard is it for someone to pull out in the intersection when you’re sitting in the left turn lane? I HAVE PLACES TO BE, D:CKWEED. And why do people get so worked up over bottle service? Is that like a class thing? If I was set on putting down an entire bottle of booze, I would just stay at home. It’s cheaper. Plus it’s not as loud.

But yeah, LSU is ranked 5th right now, so I guess they’re pretty good.

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