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The “braintrust” running Walkersville High School in Frederick County (MD) have lost their damn minds. They fired their girls’ softball coach after he hosted a team party where alcohol was served…wait for it…TO THE PARENTS.

It was a cookout around Brad Young’s backyard swimming pool on June 11 celebrating the end of a winning season.

“And one parent brought some beers to the party. A couple of people had those– probably no more than five or six,” said Young. “No kid was uncomfortable. No kid had access to it. No kid drank. No parent got more than probably one or two beers. I did not drink.” [via]

And of course some schlupped-up parent with sand in his or her gash called the school board and that was it–Young was banned from the team that he had coached for the last five years, and whose dugouts he refurbished out of his own pocket.

A hearing has been scheduled in two weeks to determine whether or not the school’s overreacted over a beverage that over a third of the world’s population legally consumes at the high school age. You can call the school and get your two cents in that way. Because people in education can listen to reason! And some people think that teachers should be making more money. When’s the last time a professional athlete ever took alcohol out of a high schooler’s mouth? Don’t answer that.

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