Bellator’s Scott Coker Said The Silva-Sonnen PPV Is The Best Of 2017 And Sadly, He’s Right

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Bellator President Scott Coker is ramping up the promotion for Bellator 180, and even taking into account the usual PPV sales pitch hyperbole, the former head of Strikeforce claimed Bellator 180 was “the best MMA PPV that’s been offered in 2017.” Sadly, in this, the year of our cruel MMA Lord 2017, he’s right. MMA has been so bad, specifically the five PPVs the UFC has offered up this year, that we’re seeing a stacked-but-weird Bellator PPV come out of nowhere as the best MMA fans can buy.

Here’s exactly what he said to ESPN:

“The PPV business is tough and there’s a lot of competition in the marketplace. There’s boxing fights around us, wrestling events, other MMA shows. But honestly, I think this is the best MMA PPV that’s been offered in 2017. I’m a fight fan and always buy the big fights; I haven’t bought one of them this year. But this PPV, the way we’ve stacked it from top to bottom, is the best offering this year.”

Considering the UFC’s July flagpole event is neck and neck with Bellator 180 (we’ll see how it looks two weeks from the event), is it concerning for MMA fans, or is it great that this is the best PPV of 2017 so far? Bellator is once again going back to the beloved Old Guy well, and eventually, they’re going to run out of the legends like Wanderlei Silva and Royce Gracie to roll out as main events.

But, in a vacuum, purely for entertainment’s sake, yes, this is the best PPV of 2017 thus far because MMA has been so damn crappy. Here, I’ll show you my MMA Math:

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