Rory MacDonald Discusses Loving The Dangerous Art Of Fighting, Being In The Best Bout Ever And GSP’s Comeback

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It’s not typical for a fighter to be described almost perfectly by a slightly adjusted line from A Christmas Story, but Rory MacDonald works in blood how many artists might work in oils or clay. It is his true medium. At only 27 years old, MacDonald has found a new beginning in Bellator after years in the UFC, now he’s set to fight the ridiculously hard-hitting Paul Daley as a welcome to Spike TV. As expected, the stakes are high — the winner gets a shot at the Bellator welterweight title.

But, there are various storylines around MacDonald. He’s a member of the famed Tristar gym, home to Georges St-Pierre, he’s the #2 welterweight in the world, and a man who left the UFC on the top of his game to join the competition while coming off two losses in a row. The first back to back losses of his career. There’s a lot to talk about.

So ahead of his latest work, we asked MacDonald about his return to the cage, what it’s like being one-half of the greatest fight of all-time, and his thoughts on the logjam his teammate GSP has created in the UFC middleweight division.

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