Bob Costas Thinks Usain Bolt Is Bigger Than Bob Marley, So The Internet Let Him Have It

For the most part, NBC’s coverage of the 2016 Rio Olympics has left people wanting in the quality department. Matt Laurer’s commentary over the opening ceremony was enough to make even the most patriotic of American cringe and Bob Costas as the voice of the Olympics hasn’t outweighed old memes about his eyes. After Usain Bolt once again proved to the world that he’s the fastest man alive, Costas made a call that has people scratching their heads and wondering if Bob Costas really only knows two Jamaicans.

The call was comparing Usain Bolt’s popularity to Bob Marley’s, claiming that Bolt was more popular than the legendary artist and, as you can imagine, Twitter isn’t about to just let that one go.

There is not hashtag to commemorate the time that Bob Costas compared Usain Bolt’s popularity to Bob Marley’s just yet, but if past Twitter hashtag controversies are any indication, there very well might be one unless something even more ridiculous pops up this evening. All of it stems from the interview above, where Bolt says that he’s compared to Bob Marley, with Costas riffing on that after Bolt took home another gold.