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Bolivian President Evo Morales is upset that FIFA has barred all international matches above 8,200 feet:

The president of Bolivia says he has the support of Argentina, Uruguay and Venezuela in a bid to overturn a FIFA ban on international soccer games played at high altitude . . . [t]hat would exclude much of Bolivia as well as parts of Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Chile and Mexico.

So he sought the support of nations that would not even be effected by the ban?  And he didn't seek the cooperation of the countries that would?  That doesn't make any sense, unless, like me, he doesn't think South America is important enough to know which nation is which.  Take that, geography snobs!  The Bolivian citizens celebrated sport to show FIFA they mean business:

[S]tudents jumped rope, women danced and police cadets leaped through flaming hoops during celebrations of a high-altitude sport in the chilly Andean air. Joining the rally, the president ran a lap through the streets of La Paz, jumped on a trampoline and played pickup soccer against former members of Bolivia's national team.

Nothing exhibits your readiness to host an international competition like police cadets jumping through flaming hoops.  Or maybe that displays the first stage dementia of altitude sickness.  Whatever, it sounds like a vibrant culture wherever it is. -KD

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