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Brady Quinn, Jeff Samardijiah6yea, and the FUPAnator (pictured) weren't enough to break Notre Dame's bowl game losing streak (now at nine) last night, falling in the Nokia Enron Allstate Sugar Bowl to a far superior LSU team 41-14. After the game, Charlie Weis yet again deflected rumors he might jump to the NFL. 

"I can only say it so many times… whether it's the Giants or any other team, here's the best part — every coach is perceived to be a liar… 'Well, Weis will say it, but we really shouldn't believe him because he's a liar.' I'm just using me as an example. Well, believe it or not, there are some people who aren't liars."

So, reporters, take note: stop asking him the fucking question. He has a ten-year contract, and he's going to honor it for the next year or two until his heart explodes climbing some stairs.

[Weis] said he plans to stay at Notre Dame until his son, Charlie Jr., graduates from the school. His son is now in the eighth grade. "When he finishes, hopefully I'll end up lying around some beach drinking pina coladas," Weis said. "Until that time, I intend to be at Notre Dame."

Sorry, Charlie Jr. Hope you didn't want to go to Stanford or Florida State or any school outside of thrill-a-minute Indiana. And thanks, Charlie Senior, for that lovely image of you on the beach. My penis just died a little. I'm gonna need some hot chick to give it CPR.

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