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Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall suffered an injury to his arm in hilarious fashion this weekend when he slipped on a discarded McDonald's bag and put his arm through an entertainment while trying to brace himself against the fall.  Marshall received several stitches, and his arm will be in a cast for the next two weeks.

"I want to thank everybody for their concerns and let everyone know that I'm okay," Marshall wrote in a text message Sunday morning. "It's funny because I pride myself on YAC (yards after catch) and being one of the toughest players to take down once I have the ball in my hands.

"So for the next couple of days I'm going to take the time to build my confidence back up after allowing that McDonalds bag to take me down and send me through the entertainment center."

Talk about bad luck.  Yesterday, With Leather photoshopper 289 sent me an email to let me know that his laptop died and that he'd be out of commission for at least two days.  And then this happens.  Man, I hate it when I miss the opportunity for a good Mayor McCheese image.  Some people might prefer the Hamburglar as a scapegoat, but I'm sticking with McCheese.  I don't trust Irish politicians.

Photoshoppy UPDATE: Badass reader Ross provides this image in 289's stead.  Ross charged me nothing for this, so… things don't look good for 289 in arbitration.

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