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The Packers beat the Broncos 19-13 in overtime last night when Brett Favre opened the extra period with an 82-yard bomb to Greg Jennings.  This capped off a game that also had a semi-thrilling end of regulation, with Jay Cutler leading a drive that gave the Broncos a couple shots at the end zone before they ran out of timeouts and rushed the field goal unit onto the field to tie the game as time expired (all highlights available at link above).

But the real story of Monday Night Football can be told by my email inbox this morning, which was filled with subject lines that invariably included the words "Favre," "fellation," "balls," and variants of "fuck."  Yes, as we all know, Brett Favre has a distinguished history on MNF that is exceeded only by the distinguished verbal blowjobs given to him by the game announcers — they even invited Favre's wife Deanna into the booth to ask her the proper technique for massaging his balls (gently, and in a circular motion).

Don't get me wrong: I have nothing against Favre personally, and he certainly played well last night (300+ yards, 2 TDs, no picks)… but Ron Jaworski and Tony Kornheiser's zeal for praising him was unsettling.  At one point Favre overthrew a wide open receiver in the end zone from 10 yards away.  The commentary?  "Wow, look how hard he threw it!  He's really got a cannon!" 

Shit, man.  The only other place you can ind that kind of sycophantic zeal is a boy band concert filled with pre-teen girls.  And they're not nearly as good at blowjobs.

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