Carson Wentz Reportedly Bought Expensive Shotguns For His Offensive Linemen

It’s pretty common for NFL quarterbacks and running backs to purchase expensive and even over-the-top presents for their offensive linemen at Christmas or the end of the season. After all, they’re the last line of, well, defense between the QB or RB and giant men who want to crush them and even slam them into the ground like professional wrestlers. Most recently, presumed NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year and MVP candidate Ezekiel Elliott gifted the Cowboys’ incredible O-linemen with $16,000 John Deere XTVs. (He also got Dak Prescott a snazzy diamond necklace, because that’s what besties do.)

Eagles QB Carson Wentz chose a different kind of present, though, and to some it might be as fun as an offroad vehicle. He bought his linemen guns. That’s right, big, macho boom-boom makers.

Specifically, Wentz bought his on-field bodyguards Beretta shotguns, which aren’t that cheap.

“This is an awesome gun. I’m excited about it,” said Allen Barbre, a fellow hunter. Barbre believes the Beretta model is a Silver Pigeon, which retails around $2,000 a pop. “I don’t know if I’ll shoot it, though. It’s pretty nice.”

“I like to go clay shooting and stuff,” added Brandon Brooks. “All I’ve got is a home defense tactical shotgun, short-barrel, so I was looking for one of these.” (Via ESPN)

Times like this I can’t help but wish that Evan Mathis was still with the Eagles, because lord knows he would’ve done something awesome and hilarious with his gun that would’ve kept my keyboard busy for a week. Hopefully Carson Palmer gave him something nice, too, like an autographed ball that was intercepted.