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“UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Chuck Liddell’s incoherent appearance on the AM TV Talk Show ‘Good Morning Texas,’ was attributed to illness commented both Liddell and his longtime trainer John Hackleman to The Fight Network this afternoon.

‘I am sick and rundown and need to get back to training,’ Liddell emailed me this afternoon. Trainer Hackleman says Liddell has a sinus infection and took the sleep medication Nyquil at 4 AM to try and get rest.”

Gah, that's just uncomfortable as all hell to watch. However, 300 is going to kick ridiculous amounts of ass, and Chuck Liddell beat the shit out of the guy who's fucking Jenna Jameson in his free time, so I think he gets a pass. Which is why you need to see the douchebag host call out Liddell after the fact.

Seriously, watch that linked video, and tell me it's a good idea to be a balding gap-toothed dipshit making fun of a man with a mohawk and a Fu Manchu. Who kicks ass for a living. I hope Liddell comes back on the show to tear that guy's heart out with his bare hand. And if he's doped up on NyQuil at the time, even better.

(From UFC Mania via SbB

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