Cleveland Fans Are So Fed Up With The Browns They Asked Local TV To Show The Steelers Instead

12.18.16 2 years ago

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The list of things that have gone right for the Cleveland Browns during the 2016-17 NFL season is either really short or non-existent. Cleveland is the only winless team in the NFL, coming in at 0-13 on the year, and only four of those losses have been by one possession. It’s just been brutal, and finally, the fine folks in Cleveland are doing something about it.

According to a local reporter, things have gotten so bad that locals are straight up asking to watch something other than the Browns on Sunday afternoon.

That’s right, instead of watching their own team, Browns fans want to watch arguably the team’s biggest rival. It probably doesn’t help that Cleveland is playing Buffalo this week, and no one wants to watch the Browns play the Bills, but this is still something else. It’s not like the Steelers have a big game either – they’re taking on the Bengals on Sunday in a matchup between an 8-5 team and a 5-7-1 squad.

Still, this does seem more appealing than watching the winless Browns and the meh Bills. Plus it sends a pretty powerful message that fans would rather watch two division rivals than their own squad.

But don’t worry, Cleveland sports fans, because at least you still have the Cavaliers. More importantly, you still have J.R. Smith. He loves you and wants people to know the city is actually pretty sweet.

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