College Football Power Rankings, Week 12: It’s The Big Ten’s Time Now

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In this week of thanks and blessings, we’re here to remind you to let your hate out. Whether you’re a Wolverine, a Buckeye, a Cougar or a Huskie, this is the week to jump back on the Facebook you’ve been avoiding since the election and reach out to your old high school friends who went to your rival school and tell them how much they suck.

For some of you, this game might actually mean something besides pride too! Michigan-Ohio State is as big as it’s been in a decade, with a College Football Playoff spot largely on the line. Washington-WSU is for a spot in the Pac-12 Championship too, and for Washington, maybe a spot in the Playoff. Even games like South Carolina-Clemson offer up a very good chance to see a Playoff-caliber team stumble. And who could forget a little game down south called the Iron Bowl?

(Note: I will never, ever get tired of pasting this clip and you’d better never, ever get tired of seeing it. Life gives us so little sometimes, it’s important to appreciate real magic when it happens.)

Joining us this week in the Power Rankings are UNC, Arkansas, and Stanford, while San Diego State, LSU, and West Virginia finally leave us for the last time. But those are all bottom-feeders, the biggest story heading into this weekend is the power of the Big Ten.

With Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State, and Wisconsin all in the top-10, it’s looking like the Big Ten is the best conference in the country! And yet they’re a couple odd results away from being shutout of the Playoff, as you’ll see below.

Conference championship paths are laid out and all that’s left to do is play the games. Sing it loud everybody, these are your POWER RANKINGS FOR RIVALRY WEEK!

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