Conor McGregor Has Been Fined $150,000 For His Bottle-Throwing Antics At The UFC 202 Press Conference

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We’re a couple months past it now, but the UFC 202 press conference will live in infamy forever. You might remember that one: After the fracas, McGregor freaked the hell out backstage and later admitted he was “scared for his life.” Many expected that he would face repercussions for instigating the brouhaha and now he’s getting hit the only place that matters for him: his pocketbook.

On Monday, the Nevada State Athletic Commission voted unanimously to fine him for his actions, according to MMA Junkie. McGregor will pay $150,000 in total, with half of that fee going to production costs for an anti-bullying PSA campaign he will also star in. In addition, he will be required to perform 50 hours of community service.

The admission did little to deter the commission from upping the potential financial penalty, however, with commissioner Pat Lundvall suggesting five percent of his purse and commissioner Michon Martin suggesting 10 percent, or $300,000.

NSAC chairman Anthony Marnell and commissioner Francisco Aguilar expressed reservations with that level of fine, with Marnell noting, “I have a really hard time with a $300,000 fine for throwing a water bottle.” Aguilar pushed instead for a more community service time, particularly in service of the PSA.

“I think we benefit our community better with community service than a fine,” Aguilar said.

It’s true; $300K for tossing a water bottle is a bit excessive. I’ve certainly tossed a water bottle or two in my time (mostly into the recycling bin), and I don’t think I could afford that. Let me check.

[opens wallet]
[moth flies out like in an Archie comic]

Yeah, I was right. The rich irony of McGregor, noted loudmouth bully, appearing in an anti-bullying ad is not lost on any MMA fan, but it should create plenty of rich memes. Likely enough to blanket the Earth.