Conor McGregor Ended His Weeklong Liverpool Bender In A Treehouse

Conor McGregor let his freak flag fly this past week during a raucous party week that started at the classy Grand National horse races at Aintree and ended (as the best benders do) all sweaty and pale up in a tree.

You may have seen headlines regarding the many stages of McGregor’s partying, from his monocle popping apparel choices at Aintree to the paid club appearances in Liverpool. But the fun didn’t stop there. After the clubs, Conor ended up at some random house party where he partied with the common people and got himself in trouble for standing on the hood of his rented Rolls Royce.

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Liverpool we run your entire city

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He looks pretty cool in that picture, doesn’t he? Cool enough to not worry about losing his deposit and paying for any damage to the hood. Knowing Conor, he’ll just buy the thing and then drive it off a cliff to make a point. He’ll apologize … to absolutely nobody!

In these shots he’s looking a bit haggard, but nowhere near as ghost white and crazy as that footage of McGregor high up in a treehouse. It all ended with this picture below of him on the way home on his private jet looking like a man who just partied for five days straight.

But because it’s Conor, of course he’s nursing a bag full of money as well as a hangover. In addition to whatever the clubs in Liverpool paid him to appear, he also won £17,000 ($21,000) betting on horse at the Grand National. Looks like it was a pretty productive week for McGregor.