Twitter Reacts To Conor McGregor’s Supposed Retirement With Conspiracy Theories And Condolences

It was a completely normal Tuesday afternoon until Conor McGregor decided everything needed a shakeup, and supposedly retired on Twitter. Of course, fighters retiring happens often. So often, that it’s like a Hollywood divorce – you need two or three to make it stick. But with recent tragic events surrounding McGregor, and knowing that his bank account is doing fine, this might be real.

How could this happen? He was just working out and keeping active.

Donald Cerrone, top-ranked lightweight and now UFC welterweight, isn’t buying it:

Rafael dos Anjos, who Conor was supposed to fight for the lightweight belt agrees with Cerrone.

Most interesting is his coach’s take on this whole situation. Can this actually be real?

The conspiracy theories are already forming, with some saying it’s another knee injury that may put Conor on the shelf for the long haul.

And what’s with this screenshot, posted by Kavanagh, with some damning evidence (or supreme trolling) in the background.

Who would’ve thought that the Diaz’s would still be standing after the greats dropped away…

And so, Nate is out too?

But the real reason could be the recent tragic death of a fighter in Ireland, which was caused in part by his teammate.

Of course, jokes are also coming, and coming fast.