08.13.09 9 years ago 8 Comments

I have a hard time feeling sorry for coyotes (especially the ones that make such great hood ornaments), but this poor little bugger got more than he could handle when he stepped onto the track at the Toyota Arizona Proving Grounds and suddenly found himself on the ass end of one of life’s cruel 1 vs. 16 matchups. The background of this image is obviously the victor of this exchange, driven by Joe Gibbs Racing’s very own Brad “Road Runner” Coleman.

“It just started smoking like crazy. And it smelled terrible. I didn’t see anything in the mirror, so I was like, ‘I wonder where it went?'”

It went nowhere, Brad. And sure, your radiator’s full of coyote guts and your engine might be shot, but look on the bright side: that’s a new scarf for your wife. Too bad Arizona is hardly scarf weather. And honestly, this little guy probably had a better, less painful demise then the other Coyotes in the area.

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