Angela Magana Went On An Audacious Twitter Rant After Pressing Charges Against Cris Cyborg

Getty Image / Angela Magana Twitter

Cris Cyborg’s unexpected punch to the face of strawweight Angela Magana at the UFC fighter’s retreat has led to some serious fallout. According to TMZ, Magana, a UFC strawweight who gives up at least 20-30 pounds to Cyborg, has filed battery charges against the former Strikeforce and Invicta featherweight champion. Video has surfaced of the punch, which disputes some reports that Magana made a move on Cyborg and it was self-defense. It looks like Cyborg just clocked her, frankly.

Magana is calling this action “roid rage” and is continuing her mocking of Cyborg which led to her getting punched in the first place. This is full-Magana, who hasn’t fought in the UFC in two years, and is currently on a four-fight losing streak.

First off, Magana has retweeted one of her tweets that severely pissed off Cyborg, which is only adding to her troll-dom:

And here’s her lengthy and audacious Twitter rant that clears up some of the murky questions about what exactly happened, and the series of events leading to her pressing charges: