Here’s A Cubs Fan In A Goat Costume Getting Body-Slammed By A Pittsburgh Cop

Last Wednesday, the Cubs traveled to Pittsburgh to face the Pirates in the National League Wild Card game. They won 4-0 behind a complete game shutout from starter Jake Arrieta, which advanced them on to the NLDS, where they now lead the Cardinals two games to one. It’s safe to assume most Cubs fans who were in attendance left the game in a great mood following the victory. It’s also safe to assume the Cubs fan in the video above was not one of them.

The video appears to show an officer telling a Cubs fan in a goat costume to leave [the stadium concourse]. The Cubs fan asks “Can I talk to you,” and the officer puts an arm around him and begins to walk him away. The fan yells “Stop it,” and attempts to push the officer’s arm away.

Someone appears to grab at the device recording the incident, and someone yells “Put the phone down.” Then, the video shifts to another angle and an officer is seen picking up the Cubs fan and body-slamming him to the ground.

There is little context as to what provoked the arrest, but the mayor of Pittsburgh has ordered an internal investigation into the incident. Since the video was uploaded to YouTube, Mayor Bill Peduto has asked the city’s Office of Municipal Investigations to look into it further.

[via NBC Chicago]