Curt Schilling Got Absolutely Owned Online By An Army Veteran

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I regret to inform you all that Curt Schilling is at it again. The one-time Cy Young award-winner turned ESPN baseball analyst turned insane Twitter person continued his rather astonishing descent on Monday night and Tuesday morning by getting into it with CNN contributor Jason Kander about Donald Trump’s latest remarks about the military.

Kander, an Afghanistan veteran and former Army intelligence officer, took exception as many did to Trump saying the U.S. military no longer fights to win.

It’s a reasonable stance from a veteran to be upset when the Commander in Chief makes such a remark. Former baseball player Curt Schilling, who has very been vocal in his support of Trump, came barreling in with his takes.

Kander didn’t respond initially, as Schilling got into a spat with another Twitter user, rambling about the Muslim ban and other things, but then, Schilling dug himself into a hole (one tweet from his rant is missing) as Kander laid the perfect trap.

Oh, Curt. Mr. Bloody Sock, this was unwise. You have just set yourself up to get owned online. Kander took advantage of this opportunity and played it beautifully.

Of course, Twitter had a field day with this and Schilling was roasted over and over.

One day Schilling might disappear from Twitter and make all of us happier, but until then, we’ll have to settle for watching him lose Twitter battles regularly and completely ruin any positive memories we may have had of him on the baseball diamond.