Daily Fantasy Football Advice For Week 13 Of NFL Action

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Hello. Welcome to the portion of the NFL season where Geno Smith is a starting quarterback. Yes, we’re in that magical time of year where the excitement of selecting a daily fantasy football lineup (A POWER GOD HIMSELF SOMEDAY WISHES TO FEEL) is combined with the reality that a number of teams are dead, buried and waiting to push up sexy draft pick daisies. Come join your close personal friend Dan on a journey of Week 13 daily fantasy advice for Sunday’s slate of games and no you don’t have to watch them all.

In the market for guidance on what to do for traditional league play in Week 13? UPROXX hunk Jason Nawara has you covered.


Invest in Philip Rivers: The AFC West resembles a bleak post-apocalyptic landscape at the moment, which is lovely news for Chargers fans (all six in the L.A. area) who are somehow only one win back from sharing top spot in the division thanks to the Chiefs falling off of a skyscraper. Los Angeles hosts a friendly opponent in the winless Browns and Philip Rivers (who carved up the Cowboys defense for 31.9 Thanksgiving Day fantasy points on DraftKings) looks poised to keep the Chargers rolling. By the way, the Chargers are one of only six AFC teams with a positive points scored versus points allowed total on the year.

Avoid Matthew Stafford: Matthew Stafford appears to be on track to return after hurting his ankle, but you’ll want to proceed with caution with the large Detroit quarterback boy this Sunday. Or maybe just tape an “out of service” note to the guy’s chest and maybe dump him next to the Lost DVD box sets on your curb. Stafford’s resilient, but the Lions have a frustrating road date against the Baltimore Ravens who have given up the second-fewest fantasy totals on average to QBs in 2017 and have been a nightmare to go up against in Maryland.

Consider Jay Cutler: No, Draftings and FanDuel aren’t awarding 20 fantasy points for every time a quarterback smokes on the sideline after a 3 and out. Cutler is this week’s intriguing gamble. (Side Note: This miserable Miami run hurts the guy’s value as a broadcaster, right? Or is that what BIG VACCINE wants me to think?) There was a time when going up against the Broncos defense was a scary proposition, but 2017 has made playing Denver into the NFL’s most TD’d on team when it comes to fantasy QBs. Cutler is available for a value menu price ($4,700 on DraftKings) and if you think he can exploit Denver’s defense this could be a colossal bargain for your DFS lineup. Or he’ll sh*t the bed so hard Serta will sue for defamation. One of the two.

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