Check Out The Massive Brawl That Broke Out During The Cowboys-Rams Joint Practice

Look out, Washington Redskins and Houston Texans, there are two other NFL teams coming for your title of the best training camp fight during the 2015 preseason. The Dallas Cowboys and the St. Louis Rams started throwing hands during a dual practice today in a fight that apparently involved a lot of professional athletes cheap shotting one another.

According to a Cowboys beat reporter, Dallas linebacker Andrew Gachkar kicked off the brawl.

There’s no word as to what started the fight or why it got to the point where both teams just started going at it, but dudes just started leveling one another and throwing punches. For example, there’s one moment where Rams defensive lineman Eugene Sims (No. 97 in blue) looks like he wanted to floor Cowboys defensive lineman Ben Gardner (No. 93 in white), but showed some restraint. Sims then decided that showing restraint was the wrong move, so he blindsided Gardner and sent him flying.

There was even one part in what was seemingly a second skirmish where one player on the Cowboys, rookie defensive lineman Randy Gregory, tried to take on 20 Rams players by himself.

This fight was probably just the result of two teams getting a little too into practice, and not because the players decided to come together and conspire to end practice early.