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Arielle Newman, a track star at Staten Island's Notre Dame Academy, died on April 3rd of mysterious causes.  After an autopsy came back inconclusive, a the state medical examiner's office declared that her death was the result of a toxic amount of methyl salicylate, the active ingredient in ointments like BenGay and Icy Hot.

Even with repeated use… it is unclear how the extremely high levels of the substance remained in her body. Dr. Kristen Roman of the medical examiner's office told [mother] Alice Newman the toxicology report revealed more than six times the safe amount of methyl salicylate in her daughter's blood.

Aw, man.  BenGay's deadly now, too?  Everything's bad for you these days.  Eggs, red meat, alcohol, smoking, methamphetamines — you name it, doctors don't like you doing it.  That's why I've stopped weaing deodorant.  Just playin' it safe, man.

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