An NFL Player’s Pregnant Fiancee Hacked His Instagram After Learning He Was An Alleged Serial Cheater

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02.15.15 39 Comments

Delanie Walker is a tight end for the Tennessee Titans. According to his pregnant fiancee Racine, Delanie has been a no-good cheater for the better part of ten years (allegedly). We know this because Racine hacked into Walker’s Instagram post Saturday night and dished out some serious dirt.

Again, just to be clear, this is alleged. Delanie Walker could very well be an upstanding citizen who helps old ladies cross the street.

Here’s Racine’s spectacular rant:

This is my girlfriend/fiancee of 10 years. Her name is Racine,” she posted. “I broke up with her just a few days ago, like I do every February because I have no self control in the off season. I’m a “celebrity” and she no longer looks good enough for my “image” while I’m not playing football. She’s also 4 months pregnant so I figured it was the perfect time to take advantage of her.

Ok, well now this is getting super serious and super sad. She continues…

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