Do Not Kill These Wisconsin Students

12.07.10 7 years ago 4 Comments

The student newspaper at University of Wisconsin-Madison printed the names of 33 students who are believed to be re-selling their Rose Bowl tickets online. The school’s football team will face TCU on January 1 in its first Rose Bowl appearance since 2000. Its allotment of 5,800 tickets sold out in 20 minutes, and The Badger Herald was none too pleased with those who bought their duckets to simply flip them for a profit.

Truly, there is a special place in Hell for people who buy Rose Bowl tickets with the sole intention of profiting from them. It is entirely unfair to those who actually love this football team and were counting on a cheap face value ticket in order to make the trip to Pasadena an economic reality.

My feeling on this is pretty simple: if you’re a student and you have access and a rightful claim to Rose Bowl tickets, you should sell them if that’s what you want to do (even if it may or may not be legal). However, if you’re the University of Wisconsin and you want to ensure that you send only students to your post-season game, lock down the system and make people pick up their tickets at Will Call on game day. Or have an essay contest; that totally worked at my elementary school before all the kids that lost tried to burn it down.

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