The Dodgers Put A Cutout Of The Late Brody Stevens At Dodgers Stadium

The tragic death of comedian Brody Stevens is still being felt in the entertainment world more than a year later, and some Los Angeles Dodgers fans have managed to pay tribute to the late entertainer even in a season where people aren’t allowed at the ballpark. A life-sized cutout of Stevens has made its way to the stands at Dodger Stadium as a tribute to Stevens, who was a big baseball fan and died suddenly in February of 2019.

As COVID-19 has impacted sports around the world, the return to play has come without fans in the stands. Some leagues choose to put mannequins in seats, while others started putting images of real fans in stadiums for a fee they donated to charity. A handful of baseball teams in the United States have followed suit, offering fans foul balls if they happen to get their cardboard cutouts dinged during games.

As it turns out, some friends of Stevens got the money together and his image was approved by the Dodgers. Before Thursday’s opening day, the cutout became a bit of a mini-game, with the people involved offering a prize if someone was able to spot him on TV.

Of course, the cutout was shown on ESPN during the broadcast on Thursday night, and a number of people shared the image and remembered Stevens online.

One comedian, Anthony Jeselnik, pointed out that it was somehow fitting that Stevens would show up during a commercial.

As Adrian Garro wrote for last year, Stevens was a baseball player in college and maintained his fandom throughout his life, so it’s certainly a loving tribute to Stevens that resonated with a lot of people when he showed up on national television once more on Thursday night.