Drugs Found In Zach Randolph’s Car

05.27.10 8 years ago 13 Comments

Bro, have you ever listened to Grateful Dead? I mean really listened to them?

Vancouver Grizzlies forward Zach Randolph is a fantasy basketball stud, but unfortunately for him, fantasy basketball doesn’t pay the bills. Throughout his career Randolph has constantly been the guy on bad teams who puts up great numbers: he was on the Jail Blazers teams of the early 2000s, and has also played for the Clippers, Knicks, and now the Grizzlies. Randolph has long been considered to be a talented, but troubled player. Recent activities appears give that reputation has some merit.

A spokesperson for the Indianapolis police department confirmed that although no warrants have been issued for Zach Randolph as of this morning, the Memphis Grizzlies All-Star forward could face further questioning as part of an ongoing drug investigation. “Whether the detectives have an active criminal investigation regarding Zach Randolph, I don’t know,” Lt. Jeff Duhamell said. “Confidential informants bring up his name on several occasions. That being said, it’s just information provided to the police. That information led to the arrest of Arthur Boyd. The bottom line is Randolph knows this guy. The vehicle Boyd was driving belongs to Randolph. That’s the connection right now.” –GoGrizzlies

Apparently, Boyd is a pretty sketchy fella. Lt. Duhamell claimed that Boyd’s involvement in Indianapolis crime activity stretches the gamut “from narcotics to murder.” A pretty wide gamut, indeed. Randolph’s involvement with the situation is Boyd was driving Randolph’s Escalade at the time of his arrest. Weed was found in secret compartments of the car, and Randolph’s three other cars have been seized as a part of an Indianapolis drug investigation. When asked for comment, David Stern said “Wha wha wha? Our players smoke marijuana? This is an injustice that will not stand!” He then stormed out of his office, rigged the draft lottery for the next 20 years, and paid off referees to ensure a Lakers-Celtics final. After which, he rubbed his hands together menacingly and chortled.

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