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A man was shot and killed after arguing with another guy in a New Orleans-area bowling alley last weekend. Jamal Dorsey, 22, later left the bowling alley with his wife and a friend when a black Durango followed them, eventually pulled up to their car and opened fire From The Times-Picayune:

When they got to the 3000 block of Americus Street, the Durango pulled up. Someone stepped out. Dorsey jumped out of the car to confront him and to protect Ashten [his wife], a friend said. But his opponent had a gun, the friend said, and he peppered an unarmed Dorsey and the car with gunfire.

Several bullets hit Dorsey’s torso, police said. Another bullet hit Ashten’s left forearm, shattering two bones, Harrell said. Their friend was hit in the leg. The gunman sped off in the Durango, and police haven’t yet announced any arrests.

As if I needed another reason to never go bowling again. Hey, fellas, wanna go bowling tonight? Sure, just let me grab my firearm in case someone tries to disrespect me tonight. If you’re so pent up about getting respect then WHY ARE YOU AT A BOWLING ALLEY? Bowling alleys are for awkward acquaintance get-togethers and adulterous rendez-vous with raspy-voiced women. If you’re bringing firearms with you on bowling trips then you are a coward, an utter, impotent coward. Unless you’re Marvin Harrison, in which case, hey man. It’s cool, it’s cool.

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