Confusion Over The Convoluted MMA Rules Ruins One Of The Best Fights Of The Year At UFC 211

Entertainment Editor
05.13.17 2 Comments

Everybody knew Eddie Alvarez and Dustin Poirier were going to put on a show, and for nearly ten minutes, they did. Not only are these two front runners for the Guaranteed Good Fight award, the subtext of the fight was telling a story between two men who were destroyed by Conor McGregor, working their way back up to the top of the lightweight division. Dustin Poirier had won three out of his last four since moving to lightweight, and Eddie Alvarez was coming off being destroyed by McGregor at UFC 205.

This led to a high-level technical battle that had both men showing that they’re still dangerous.

It lived up to and exceeded expectations. Poirier rocked Alvarez, who would come back (as he usually does) to slug his way to a near win. Unfortunately, it was marred by accidental illegal knees. Let’s take a look at what happened.

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