04.01.07 11 years ago

This wouldn't work at an "El" station: 

I would like to find some way to deride England and the Brits as usual, but that was AWESOME!  This guy totally trumped my running up the down escalator at the mall to impress the lovely Katy when I was sixteen.  I can still see that smug mall cop's face as she slammed the cold steel door of mall jail.  And Katy with her, "It would've been cool had you reached the top, but since you didn't, I'm going to go to prom with Jack."  Bitch.  The London Underground authorities were not pleased with this guy's stunt either – I'm with you brother.  Thanks for the idea.  Although it will be a hassle to carry skis everywhere I go, if I ever see Katy near an escalator again, I'm totally doing this. -KD

(Thanks to Awful Announcing for the tip.) 

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