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Eva Longoria and Jessica Simpson are both getting hollowed out by Texas sports stars, and that's all the reason Longoria needs to open her mouth and piss me off.  From People:

"When I first started dating Tony (Parker), I got the same flack [sic], and this was so many years ago that people don't remember," Longoria told PEOPLE on Saturday. "If he had a bad game, it was my fault, if he got injured, it was my fault, if he had a good game, it wasn't because of me."

Longoria's advice to her fellow Texan: "You have to weather that for a while, and once people get over it, they kind of get used to you."

I haven't seen revisionist history like this since my third-grade teacher taught us about all the brave pioneers who fought off the murderous Indians.  Let me set Eva straight here: Texans are mad at Jessica because the Cowboys lost.  Texans hate Longoria because she spends Spurs games staring at the JumboTron, waiting for it to show her in the crowd.  And also because she wanders the countryside, killing goats and sucking their blood.  The farmers have had enough.

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