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The New Jersey Nets are unstoppable this season. Vince Carter's in a contract year, Richard Jefferson may or may not be a rainbow warrior, and the Nets lead the powerhouse Atlantic Division with an 8-12 record.

And now, even their equipment manager is joining the massive success:

[Gary "GB2005"] Bogdanski, a 22-year-old equipment manager for the New Jersey Nets, was awarded a custom avatar by Full Tilt Poker after winning the leaderboard race and claiming the title of "Best All-Around Player" during the Full Tilt Online Poker Series (FTOPS) in November. Less than two weeks after winning his custom avatar (which is still being created) Bogdanski… exhibited his dominance again yesterday, beating 2,140 players and banking the biggest payday of his career at $78,788.

Forget about the 78 Gs, motherfucker's getting a custom avatar?!?! That lucky son of a bitch!

Oh, and for those of you that think I have a bullshit job, sitting on my ass and calling people assholes, you may now direct your hatred toward BG2005 (that screen name is SO last year, by the way). He plays online poker and does whatever NBA equipment managers do, which is… ummm… hand out towels and pass notes to groupies?

UPDATE: Gary's on MySpace! About him: "i enjoy hanging out and partying with my friends. I drive a lexus IS and am up for almost anything." Sweet. Friend request is on the way… NOW.

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