A Falcons Player’s Wife Received A Game Ball For Staying At A Playoff Game While In Labor

An Atlanta Falcons player’s wife sat through the team’s first playoff game while in labor. She has since been rewarded with a baby girl and a game ball.

Katie Levitre—wife of offensive lineman Andy Levitre—stayed to watch the team’s Divisional Round playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks despite going into labor shortly after the game began. After Atlanta’s big win in the NFC Championship Game against Green Bay on Sunday, head coach Dan Quinn announced the team gave her a belated game ball for her “ultimate toughness.”

“We gave Andy Levitre’s wife a game ball because it was a week late, and we put ‘ultimate toughness’ on it,” Quinn said. “She had gone into labor during the game, but waited it out. So we thought that was definitely worth the game ball. … She doesn’t know that yet, so if she’s watching, Andy will bring that today.”

Just to get an idea of how pregnant she was during that Seahawks game, here’s a photo taken about two months before her due date.

Yeah, no question she deserved that game ball.

Levitre said he had no idea his wife was in labor during the game. He told the local Fox affiliate in Atlanta he wasn’t notified until a team staffer told him after the win.

“I went and showered up, came outside we went home for like an hour, went to the hospital and then she gave birth,” says Levitre.

The baby’s name is Lily Gene Levitre. Gene is to honor Andy’s dad.

“He has five boys and always wanted a girl,” explains Levitre.

Even though he has a brand new bundle of joy at home, Levitre says he has been able to get the rest needed to prepare for the Packers.

“She’s taking one for the team, literally,” says Levitre. “I really appreciate what she’s doing for me.”

Good of the team to give her something back. Here’s one more adorable photo of #dadlife if you need it.

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