01.09.07 12 years ago 2 Comments

While making my usual rounds to appropriately chronicle the Cowboys' misery at the hands of the mighty C-HOX!!!, I stopped by TonyHomo.com last night… and learned, much to my dismay, that Really Drew Bledsoe is hanging up the laptop. His reasons:

I don't want to be like Tony Romo, and peak early then fizzle out into obscurity and show up at the ProBowl in one month feeling like a 7th grader who crashed a prom knowing that I don't deserve to be there, hanging around all the "grown ups" knowing that everybody thinks that Matt Hasselback or Jon Kitna are better quarterbacks than me and that I cost the Cowboys a chance to advance to the next round because I couldn't hold on to a football, and I smell, and I don't like Burgers.

If I can take off my hookers-and-booze With Leather hat for a moment: TonyHomo is a perfect example of what makes blogs a relevant and necessary addition to the sporting world. Until this season, I'd never particularly liked or identified with Drew Bledsoe — merely lamented that the Seahawks drafted Rick Mirer behind him — yet now I openly like him, even if the "him" that I like is the fabricated character of a fictional blog. It presents an alternate reality much more entertaining than the generically drab storylines that get repeated every season.

Okay, my hat's back on, and so is the hate. In my next post, I promise to call soccer players fairies.

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