03.31.08 10 years ago 6 Comments

For the first time since the NCAA tournament began seeding teams, all four #1 seeds have advanced to the Final Four, which means that your secretary is now winning your office pool.  With Leather offers its hearty congratulations to Kansas, UNC, UCLA, and Memphis, all of whom looked and played like they deserved their seeds (save possibly Kansas, which survived a scare from tourney sweetheart Davidson).  As much as it's sad to see Stephen Curry and #10 Davidson exit the bracket, it's also nice that Bill Self's Jayhawks finally made the Final Four.  Not because I like Bill Self, mind you — I'm just tired of being told Bill Self can't make the Final Four.

With my bracket now officially in the shitcan, I've turned my attention to the Final Foer.  I like pretentious douchebag Franklin over nerdy pencil-necked Joshua in the semis, then Franklin again over self-satisfied wiener Jonathan Safran in the final.  Winner gets punched in the balls.

NOTE: I'll review the leaders in the WL Pool of Hard Knocks before the Final Four begins. 

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