Floyd Mayweather Is Telling People He’s Considering ‘One More Fight’

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51-0? It turns out that Floyd Mayweather may not be ready to hang up the gloves after all. Earlier this week the pound for pound boxing great uploaded footage to his social media accounts showing him in shape and working a heavy bag. Now rumors are starting to float that ‘Money’ Mayweather is considering another fight.

The obvious choice would be another fight with Conor McGregor (although we doubt he’ll agree to step into the Octagon any time soon). The two just made hundreds of millions together in a fight that was so hotly anticipated it managed to crash several major pay-per-view provider systems. While McGregor held his own in the early rounds, Floyd was never in trouble and slowly ramped up the volume until he overwhelmed McGregor in the 10th round for a TKO win.

But there are other possibilities big enough to interest Floyd. Manny Pacquiao is also out there hunting for an interesting opponent. If Mayweather wanted to really shock the world he could take on Gennady Golovkin or ‘Canelo’ Alvarez, which would shut up the critics that have charged him with ducking the best in their primes.

We doubt Mayweather will step back into the ring unless the stars align for something major. Having just made an estimated $300 million off the Conor McGregor fight, there’s little reason for him to force something, especially when it would ruin that nice round 50-0 number he went ahead and trademarked.

(via TMZ Sports)