Floyd Mayweather Sr. Believes His Son Will End Up Fighting In The UFC

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The entire Mayweather family continues to push the idea that Floyd Mayweather is going to end up competing in MMA. Floyd has been filling his social media feeds with photos and videos of himself in the cage, his uncle Jeff called out wrestler turned UFC fighter CM Punk, and now Floyd Mayweather Sr. is getting in on the promotional push.

“The way I see it, I have to believe that this is where it’s going,” he said in a video on the Mayweather Boxing Channel. “The way it looks, I think so.”

But don’t think Floyd Sr. is happy about it.

“I’m gonna tell you the truth about it: I think he can win a few fights but I think it’s best to leave it alone,” he said. “You can do your own thing but you’re in somebody else’s playground now, and holes and stuff are in there. You just can’t do that. Don’t get me wrong, I believe he can beat some fighters the same as he did with the other guy but it isn’t worth it. Anytime you’ve done what he’s done, there ain’t no other way he can go right now but backwards.”

We’d advise you not to bet the bank on this transition from boxing to MMA just on the senior Mayweather’s say so. talked to Mayweather Boxing Channel admin Jody Kohn, who reminds us that Floyd Sr. isn’t his son’s keeper.

“If he tells you he thinks it is going to happen, I have no doubt he 100% believes that,” Kohn said. “Does that mean Floyd Jr. is headed to the UFC? I can’t tell you. People like to talk about how Jr. is playing games to keep his name relevant, etc. While that may or may not be true, the one thing you can be sure of is that his father is not part of any of that.”

“As you know, Floyd is very careful and very selective on what he lets people see,” he continued. “Nine times out of ten, you only see exactly what he wants you to see. Like the video of him walking into the cage. He released that for a very specific purpose. What I will say is that Floyd is not going into any situation where he doesn’t believe he has the advantage. There is no way he would ever walk into any fight, be it in the ring or in the cage, where he doesn’t think he has all the necessary tools to win.”

But does Mayweather really care about taking a loss in the cage? Or is walking away from mixed martial arts with another hundred million dollars or more in the bank what he considers a win? That’s the cynical question we’re left asking whenever it comes to this whole endeavor.