Relive The Time Greg Hardy Lost A Boxing Match To A Short College Bro

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With mixed martial arts experiencing the biggest breakout since Forrest Griffin and Stephan Bonnar slugged it out on SpikeTV in 2006, there’s a certain carnival aspect of the sport resurging as well. Celebrities and athletes from other sports are starting to get in on the game. From CM Punk to Demi Lovato to Grimes, all sorts of famous people are now considering banking in on the fight game using their established names. The latest example of this is former Dallas Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy.

Hardy is an extremely controversial character, having been placed on the NFL exempt list in 2014 and 2015 for a disturbing domestic-abuse incident that left his then-girlfriend literally covered in bruises. Now he’s MMA’s problem, but on the plus side there’s a good chance he’ll get a very violent taste of his own medicine while competing in the sport, which has never been kind to those trying to cross over without years of training.

And Hardy needs the training. A video that has surfaced from 2008 shows the 255-pound man getting lit up by the much smaller Codie Shuffield, who had competed in the 18U kickboxing world championships. What you see above is what happens when someone with little formal training goes up against a skilled fighter, and it didn’t end well for Hardy. Shuffield used speed and footwork to hit Hardy again and again. Hardy had little other than the kind of duck and swing attack you see in backyard brawls. Hardy quickly gassed out as well.

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