A Guy Tried To Hijack The Olympic Torch And Got Quickly Annihilated By Security

Carrying the Olympic Torch is an unforgettable experience that anyone who has had the opportunity to do will not soon forget. Unfortunately, for one man in Brazil, his run with the torch was memorable for a different reason, as he was ambushed by a stranger with a fire extinguisher who attempted to snuff out the flame.

The good news for the runner though was that the hijacker was unsuccessful in his attempt and then was immediately put into a chokehold by security, who were flanking the torch on both sides. Even after being caught, the torch-hater still desperately tried to complete his mission, flailing away as he was hauled off by the much larger authority figure.

There isn’t too much known about why the man attempted to snuff out the torch, but it may have been a protest relating to some of the many issues regarding the upcoming Olympic games in Rio. Or maybe he just wanted to make it onto the internet, in which case, mission accomplished.

Although it was assuredly a scary moment for the torch bearer, he was able to complete his run without any further issues and successfully passed along the torch along to the next person.