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New Palestine High School in Indiana is looking for a new gymnastics coach. Apparently it's not okay to buy your team alcohol in exchange for babysitting services.

[Coach Andrea] Chestnut gave a 12-pack of Smirnoff Ice and a small bottle of vodka to a 16-year-old team manager in the New Palestine High School parking lot after the meet, according to the affidavit. She arranged for the student to watch her 11-year-old daughter at her home that night while she and her boyfriend went out of town, the affidavit said.

No no no, she did it all wrong. She's supposed to give me the alcohol, and then I watch the gymnastics team for her.

Seriously, what a great mom though. Her daughter probably gets to meet a new "uncle" every other week. "Hey, I need to go out of town with my boyfriend. Can you watch my daughter?" "Can you pay me in booze?" "Only if the rest of the team comes over!" I wonder how she lived to be 11. Her crib was probably made out of cinder blocks and lead paint. And she had a mobile made out of mousetraps and live grenades.

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