11.09.09 8 years ago 8 Comments

Word is out that the Kansas City Chiefs have officially parted ways with their petulant running back, Larry Johnson. I guess guys that criticize the coaching staff and address the media as “faggots” aren’t the locker room staple that they once were. But either way, it’s not a foregone conclusion that the Penn State product’s days in the NFL have gone the way of silk pantyhose and not having sex on a first date.

The Chiefs (1-7) sparked a futile comeback in yesterday’s loss against Jacksonville while LJ was suspended for an outburst in front of reporters, alluded to earlier. But debate over whether Johnson would return from his suspension as a starter, coupled with the fact that he was Johnson will now get tossed onto the waiver pile, a pile that he’ll eventually clear since he’s owed about $2 million on his current deal.

Adam Schefter is on ESPN right now saying that reaction is mixed as to whether Johnson will catch on with another team; he turns 30 later this month and seems to have too much baggage to fit in with a team that actually has its act together. I wouldn’t expect demand for an whiny, second-rate running back to be terribly high in this economy, which means he’ll probably end up in Cleveland in like three days. Crap flows to Cleveland like blondes to an ugly guy with money. It just can’t be helped.

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