It's A Japanese Fart Contest. Your Move, America

09.13.10 8 years ago 5 Comments

This doesn’t appear to be much more than a group of Japanese guys in an amphitheater sticking microphones to each other’s butts while they cut ass. That’s so weird…are there really 2 “H”s in amphitheater? But that makes it look like “AMF-uh-thee-atre.” And really, these particular, uh, passages are not all they’re queefed out to be. My grandmother could fart like that just getting out of the car. Or maybe that sound is the cartilage in her hip disintegrating. Either way, it’s a great laugh for the whole family.

Anyway, that video is after the jump. Hold your nose and let ‘er rip. via Jump The Turnstyle.

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