A Vikings RB Honored The Memory Of Harambe With These Incredible Cleats

10.23.16 1 year ago

The death of Harambe is still a hard pill to swallow, but we as a society are moving forward thanks to people like Jerick McKinnon. A running back for the Minnesota Vikings, McKinnon paid a heartfelt tribute to the slain gorilla from the Cincinnati Zoo on Sunday afternoon with these spectacular cleats. Between the picture of Harambe and the phrase “R.I.P. Harambe” on there several times, this may be the most beautiful way to remember everyone’s favorite gorilla. At the very least, it’s in a dead heat with Bryce Harper’s Harambe bat.

In all seriousness, the NFL has had some wonderful cleats this season. The best have come from Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown, who has honored Arnold Palmer, Muhammad Ali, and more on his cleats. The Ali cleats raised some controversy, though, as Brown was forced to take them off or else he would have been benched during Pittsburgh’s game against the Jets earlier this month.

Hopefully, the league lets something fun happen for once and they let McKinnon keep these cleats on. And remember: if you point out that the league’s ultra-strict uniform rules are bad, especially compared to how it frequently botches domestic violence allegations, all that means is that you’re a stupid fan, according to Roger Goodell.

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