Jim Harbaugh Got Caught Picking And Eating A Booger On Camera

Jim Harbaugh is the weirdest person in college football. He may be the weirdest in all of sports, but he is definitely the weirdest in college ball. He’s the kind of dude who watches a ton of Judge Judy and sleeps over at the homes of recruits in the hopes of convincing them to play football for him at Michigan. There are, like, three things that Harbaugh can do that will make people go “hey, I didn’t see that one coming.”

This is not one of those things. Michigan blew out UCF on Saturday, 51-14. The Wolverines scored 34 of those points in the first half and hung 447 yards on the Knights. And sometimes, beating up on a lesser opponent can be exhausting – it takes a lot of energy to flex for four quarters.

But the issue with sports is that there usually isn’t food readily available on sidelines. Sure, there’s Gatorade and water and stuff if you need a refreshment, and if you’re really hungry someone can probably go into the locker room and grab you a granola bar, but that can take a while. But Harbaugh doesn’t seem the kind of dude to wait for food, so he did what your average hungry three year old would do: he took a finger, stuck it up his nose, and found something to munch on. Unfortunately for Harbaugh, a cameraperson caught this entire ordeal, so while he was trying to be sneaky, he was unsuccessful.

We will end this post with our favorite game: “Is This Thing Jim Harbaugh Just Did Kinda Weird?” The answer this time – and, really, every time – is yes.

(via SB Nation)